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Electric taxi program

Scenario usage scenario:

This program is suitable for electric taxi dedicated charging station. The general charging station is equipped with a certain proportion of AC charging piles and DC charging piles. The AC charging pile is used for slow power charging during shifting. The DC charging pile is used for quick charging in single shift. It is recommended to use 60kw double gun DC charging pile and 84kw double gun AC charging pile (BYD) or 14kw double gun AC charging pile;

The solution can be equipped with an orange electric charging operation management system and a cloud server platform, which can meet the operation needs of the charging station, and can also facilitate the end user to know the charging information in time, and support various communication modes such as RS-485, LTE-4G, Ethernet, etc. It is convenient for centralized management and control of remote operation platforms. The charging station can adopt a comprehensive service mode integrating charging, maintenance, car washing, catering, conference and leisure, which provides the driver with convenient life when charging, and can also increase the overall income of the charging station.


1. Deploy the server in the charging station station and periodically synchronize data with the cloud server to reduce the dependence on the cloud server and improve the overall stability of the operating system.
2.at the same time support card swipe, scan code (WeChat small program or WeChat public number), password charging, etc. to start charging;
3.strong compatibility, automatic identification of new and old national standard and BYD enterprise standard, adapt to all models
4.safe and reliable, charging piles have a variety of protection functions, all-round protection for cars, piles, people;
5.charging station is equipped with AC and DC charging piles, users can freely combine, flexible choice of fast charging, slow charging, reasonable allocation of time;

Electric taxi

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